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  1. Rocky Chh

    C comedian A actor R roaster R rapper Y you tuber

    1. Rocky Chh


  2. Shriya Agrawal

    Damn it, now I wanna eat Maggi!

  3. Samia Binta Zaman

    Just watched the brought tears to my eye, wonderful movie with talented actress

  4. sumit bhandari

    Real cinema nice movie ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Akshita Pradeep

    In this coaching class we'll learn about seasons from 1953 - 2053. But eventually questions saare 1888-1953 se aeinge cause out of syllabus :(

  6. Akshita Pradeep

    This video is just as epic as the show itself :P

  7. Daniel Dharmaraj

    @dhanushkraja Awesome anna !

  8. Leen

    So who are the next Harry and Francesca 🤡

  9. Prathamesh Bhat 7288

    Very nice video

  10. Rahul Sharma

    Most fuddu starcast

  11. Lalit Khairnar

    HMMMMMMMMMMMM.............trailer mai Dum hai... bossssssssss

  12. Hamad khan

    Inspector Abhijeet idhr b CID wali mode ma hai 😆😆😆

  13. Hamad khan

    Harshvardhan deserve more 🙏🏼

  14. S Farooq

    Can someone please tell all movies name

  15. Manyata Rai

    SRK nails in every role. EVERY. he might deliver a bad film but never a bad performance. Damn. He's perfect.

  16. Abdul Ahad

    12:11 its past bro

  17. Mr Aziz

    Just ghapa ghap..

  18. Abdul Ahad

    Don't Judge a Book by its Cover like Episode 1

  19. Maneesha K

    Malayalis come on

  20. Tanzid Al Noman

    Where did they get this background score from? This was used in some other movie or series recently.

  21. Ishan Goyal

    Braindead show

  22. Arun Prakash O S

    Fastest KT ever and that too in production environment!

  23. Maneesha K

    Ahsaas can relate with me on how I thought babies where born

  24. Satadal Paul

    Like We can see the Indian side of Sanjay Kapoor but Maheep also has her Indian side, an Indian stalker aunty who will look into others' house

  25. Maneesha K

    Malayalis come on The guy with nasa logo t-shirt is a malayali Sharan chettan

  26. BizTechSys Consultants

    My dream to see MB and Kay Kay. Hope they have scenes togather

  27. TITAN

    Not even close bro that was propostus complete disaster never try again or ill see you in hell😈


    Survive with johnny sins🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Ravi Agarwal

    यह एक अद्वितीय फिल्म है ही पर यदि आप इसकी मेकिंग देखेंगे तो पता लगेगा कि यह एक महान फिल्म है।

  30. real guy

    A fucking Phenomenal cast.

  31. Nepral News

    waiting for it.

  32. Ashwini

    Wow nice video, I wish Netflix would make this as a web series. Great initiative Netflix.

  33. Turna Nandi

    Want season 2 so desperately 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💚

  34. yusuf jamal

    Srishti is hot af

  35. Meenakshee soman


  36. Urvashi Kaul

    Memories of Alhambra! - Sci fi, Must watch.

  37. Sushant Divgikar

    Thank you. It was a pleasure working on this lovely film alongside some wonderful artistes. Thanks a lot for the opportunity. Take a bow team ♥️🏳️‍🌈🌈🌈

  38. yusuf jamal

    Srishti is hot af

  39. yusuf jamal

    Srishti is hot af

  40. Kichu

    Woah !! That’s a good initiative by team Netflix 🏳️‍🌈

  41. Jatt Movies Series Review

    Satyajit ray was a visionary director with elegance craft, hope it would be a great series keeping in mind good actors..👍👍👍👍

  42. Abhinav Loomba

    Audio machine and Black widow soundtrack! 😎

  43. Kashyap H

    Queen tapshee is back 🔥

  44. yusuf jamal

    Srishti is hot af

  45. Kashyap H

    Ah! Tapshee's performance in every film is top notch! This one looks promising too!💯 Loved abhijeet and vikrant's performances too! Excited for harshvardhan toh!!!

  46. Tuli Roy

    Awesome..... Thank you Netflix for this beautiful initiative

  47. Max Tv

    Akhri dialogue ne end kra u tapsee❤️


    Naruto shippuden is lob😌


    We by hearted it in our 11th class bio

  50. Shubhra Tripathi Tripathi

    Mujhe bus ek bat thodi Ajeeb lgi jo child actor thi Nusrat ke sath uske samne wo gali galoch wale dailoges or usko ye dailoge dena tumhe bhi baccha chiye wala uske perents ne kese allow kiya yar wo age ke hisab se kafi kuch jaan gyi yar